AMT Labs offers an innovative solution designed to turn off the pollution, thanks to the formulation of biopolymers that are 100% bio based, biodegradable, biocompatible, GMO free and organic solvent free. Highly secure and with high standards of performance and sustainability, as required by the latest market trends, these materials are made using the unique properties of PHB, all Bio-on expertise and different cutting-edge technologies. ATM Labs products represent therefore the ultra-green alternative to the classic microbeads used for formulating tobacco products: PE, PMMA, Nylon, PET, PP, Cellulose acetate and many more.


AMT Labs also excels in the field of micro-encapsulation technology, a specific and refined technology to create a biocompatible system to increase and modulate active ingredients stability, bioavailability, absorption, or to control their release over time realising a controlled Delivery System.
The use of biodegradable polymers as encapsulation materials offers several advantages over other carrier materials. Biodegradable polymers can facilitate the bioavailability and they are also removed from the body via normal metabolic pathways.