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Since 2007 Bio-on is a company dedicated to changing the world of plastics, for a more sustainable future and the preservation of nature. Bio-on owns an exclusive and innovative know-how regarding the science of biopolymers, a new generation of bio-based and eco-friendly plastics.

AMT Labs

AMT Labs commitment is to use the innovative bioplastics Minerv PHB combined with Bio-on expertise to propose innovative solutions for the tobacco field. ATM Labs ultra green ingredients represent a guarantee in terms of sustainability and safety with no compromise in terms of performance.


Bio-on plants is a new company 100% dedicated to the production of micro powders created by Bio-on research.
Operating from 2018, Bio-on plants will scale up production of a vast range of specific high-quality products in compliance with the most stringent and challenging international certifications.

AMT Labs
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AMT Labs


AMT Labs commitment is to propose innovative solutions in the world of tobacco to turn-off the pollution through the use of biopolymers 100% bio-based, biodegradable, biocompatible, GMO free and organic solvent free. AMT Labs products represent the ultra green alternative to the classic microbeads used in tobacco products.

AMT Labs

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AMT Labs came into being in the Emilia Romagna region, Italy. Given the talents, skills and know-how of its population, Emilia Romagna is a key region for the development of complex and innovative projects.

AMT Labs



Our ingredients have obtained the most important certifications internationally recognized in the bio and natural fields. Vincotte, USDA, Natrue, BioAgricert, Material Connexion.