Who we are

Since 2007 Bio-on is a company dedicated to changing the world of plastics, for a more sustainable future and the preservation of nature. Bio-on owns an exclusive and innovative know-how regarding the science of biopolymers, a new generation of bio-based and eco-friendly plastics. Bio-on offers innovative solutions designed to turn off the pollution, thanks to the formulation of Minerv PHB biopolymers: 100% bio-based, biodegradable, biocompatible, GMO free and organic solvent free.The exclusive know-how of Bio-on provides the ability to modify the morphology of the bio-polymer to obtain the perfect fit and the desidered functionalities.
The incredible potential of Minerv PHB bioplastic and its transversal nature allows Bio-on to position its product portfolio at the top of several sectors, such as the tobacco sector, offering new ultra-green and cutting-edge ingredients.
Bio-on plants has also created the "Powders Boutique", dedicated to R&D and open to specific requests from any company requiring solutions for any type of formulation and for different application fields.

AMT Labs is the center of excellence created to develop the Minerv PHB bioplastic business in the tobacco world. As exclusive partner of Bio-on, AMT Labs is the only Company that holds the current and future Bio-on technology and expertise in this specific application field. ATM Labs coordinates the Bio-on research and development activity to meet the needs of companies operating in the tobacco sector and to manage and market new products in line with the market trends.